Karen Rose

"Helping you find your inner light, like coal that has turned into a shiny diamond." 

Karen Kobylka

Official Bio

Karen is an intuitive, evidential medium, and currently studying to be a Spiritual Life Coach.

She can help you gain insight into your life with her intuitive readings and or mediumship sittings.

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Karen Rose

From Beauty Beginner to Business Boss

Karen has always loved making others look and feel beautiful. As a natural-born spiritual medium and intuitive, she let her intuition guide her, at the ripe age of 17, to enroll at the prestigious Estelle Academy of Hair Design in Edmonton. Before long, Karen was winning awards for her makeup and hairdressing techniques and, after renting a chair in a local salon, quickly became a hair and makeup instructor for the Academy. Her exciting and rollercoaster career as a successful businesswoman was set in motion.

Within a couple of years, Karen helped pioneer Canada’s mobile beauty industry after partnering with The Mobile Hair Company, one of the country’s first mobile hair services. Her career began to snowball. Karen became a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist for weddings and in productions across TV, film, and theatre, with a number of elite athletes and Canadian celebrities on her client list.

Karen decided to set up In Motion Style Group, a 5000-square foot salon and spa headquarters with a full staff team of over 12 industry professionals. The business also included its own brand of hair, makeup and skincare products called “In Motion Cosmetics” as well as a makeup academy. Ready to turn the brand into a nationwide franchise, Karen dived headfirst into managing operations for the rapidly-growing business without taking a breath until, one day, she had a near-death experience. Karen realized her busy working life had masked a chronic health issue that could have been fatal. She swallowed her pride and walked away to heal for six months, turning the business over to her partner temporarily.

But the business couldn’t survive without Karen. Her plans for a nationwide franchise were over. Left with only three small salons located in senior hospitals and facilities, Karen was faced with a tough reality: she had to start again.

Karen Rose

Swapping Struggle for Success

Despite the setbacks, Karen pushed forward. She sold In Motion Style Group and having recovered from her health issues, she kicked into high gear. She started a new business, Golden Age Divas, and managed to rapidly scale those three small shops up to sixteen beauty salons located in seniors’ facilities. Karen’s golden touch had created another empire - and again, she had plans to take the senior brand, Golden Age Divas, nationwide.

Karen, who prides herself on developing systems and protocols, quickly became the leading figure for consulting and contracting services for senior facilities of all levels of care across Alberta. She was nominated for the Alberta Women’s Entrepreneur Award and the Global Women of Vision Awards. Then, at the top of her game, strife struck again. After a series of life-changing experiences, including the death of her parents and a painful divorce, the tireless routine of work and stress became too much. Karen was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Once Karen fell ill, she had to choose between her mental health or her business. The entrepreneur followed her intuition and closed Golden Age Divas to save herself.

Leaving Her Legacy Behind

Since the closing of Golden Age Divas, Karen moved to be near the ocean on Vancouver Island. She began a new life and nursed her health back to its optimum potential, coming out stronger on the other side. She has since become an advocate for those suffering and recovering from mental health.

Following her recovery, Karen has written her first self-help memoir - an empowering confessional story which details how she overcame multiple traumas to emerge as the hero in her own journey. Karen plans to have it published soon.

Today Karen works two days a week as a hairstylist and coordinator at Kat’s Hair Studio on Vancouver Island. On her off days Karen has started doing spiritual mediumship readings online and is also training to become a certified Spiritual life coach and Law of Attraction life coach. The Law of Attraction involves the philosophy that your thoughts and actions become your reality. It is the belief that your thoughts can change your life for the better and that you can make your dreams a reality. Karen also offers intuitive development classes for people who wish to develop their intuition.

A natural builder of businesses, Karen is putting her own dreams into action and starting her own spiritual life coaching business.

Karen’s transformation is only just beginning.