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A bright path to lead your way to your own understanding of Inner Peace.

Define compassion: a feeling of wanting to help someone who is sick, hungry, in trouble, etc. —A feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering. If someone shows kindness, caring, and a willingness to help others, they're showing compassion. This is a word for a very positive emotion that has to do with being thoughtful and decent. Giving to a charity takes compassion. ... When you feel compassion for someone, you really want to help out. This was never given to me by the spiritualist church and by the entire world Spiritual community that I have reached out to.

Un·der·stand·ing definition is sympathetically aware of other people's feelings; tolerant and forgiving. This is something that no one has shown me at all during my entire time here in Victoria. I came to Victoria after loosing my entire life, my home, my mom, my father, my friend, my 2 dogs, my ability to have children as per close to death experience, and finding loss of hope there in my community. Even my going away party showed lack of compassion and understanding. This was a realization I have only just begun to understand now. This was a new start for me. I have found spirit and my mediumship ability in Edmonton, Alberta Canada during this entire process of grief.

No one has ever helped me during my sorrow at all. I have healed all by myself. This is for the reason of lack of understanding and compassion for a rape victim, as a women who is healed and strong, forceful and an activist, it is hard to seek guidance, refuge, and friendship with out someone who is of an understanding in this matter. This is however unless you are a Reverend in a spiritualist church. This is what I assumed. Not the case as you will see. During my healing process, I realized my bullying was the worst to get over and will be a strong advocate to this abuse and help the society heal. I plan to regain my Pandora’s Box charity and help heal this entire world community. This project is what I consider a charity but is a simple project as of today.

This is a project where I am seeking sponsorship to help myself heal and gain my dignity back and get like minded every day needs brought to me to help with my soul growth, my spirituality, my mind, my body, my home, my world, my life, my community- is what Pandora;s Box is for. To help me rebuild my life, to showcase this as a powered up version of a source to be reckoned with. To give people a story they can be inspired with. To give the hope, to give them faith, to give them love by a human they have never met. This is my objectivity with Pandora's Box. To Inspire.

With this community Study that has resulted in me regaining my dignity all by myself- this is found by my past coping mechanisms, and new found enlightenment and abilities to help others grow spiritually and compassionately. My addictions and coping as stated elsewhere in this discovery are very weak in comparison to the others that people go through. This effect on my spirit however is a mild one but still a large complete understanding of the people in which I un-judgmentally intend to serve. These coping mechanisms I find a grand scale judgment on myself and others. This is including my rape, suicide and non existent addictions as others would assume. I find a coping mechanism some what of an addiction as others will state but a society that seeks a higher vibration in which to enlighten their soul, their mind and their spirit. For a much needed vibration change. If we can understand this better and see that this society is misunderstood then I will give you time to understand my story in a more in depth realization.

My suicide was a result of taking over the counter generic boxed sleeping pills that as it turns out I was allergic to, and even a youth could purchase. This was directly as a result of abuse from the spiritual community. I was not addicted at all to anything, nor was I in need of a coping mechanism, it was abuse by a society that lacks understanding and compassion. I was under scrutiny at this time for no reason but lack of compassion, My story of suicide states that I Karen Rose Kobylka do not have any addictions at all, not even the capacity to take any drugs at all. I do not even take an allergy pill well. I am allergic to aspirin and these pills contained aspirin and this is the cause of my inability to almost survive as my heart, lungs, voice, walking and function of my bathroom situation was impaired. This was not due to the drugs, as you can very well assume they did not even look at the box I can assure you. It was because of the mix of alcohol, abuse an allergic reaction to this over the counter sleeping pill. When the ambulance came with the police that night on the Friday night lights, I did hand the box to them and they never mentioned it again and never gave me any help other than an IV fluid several hours after. This is something I need to understand myself still. An entire community that is to help others that do not help and intend to abuse by scare tactics is a very unfriendly, abusive situation.

This is a situation that I can assure you I have compassion for in a society of abuse victims I can readily be your advocate. I intend to give you refuge of a small gesture of- I understand you, I send you peace, love and healing. I can aid you not, but I can give you a smile that is free, a healing from spirit that is free, a gesture of a guided spiritual conversation that states you can seek and yet you can absolute find. In a word- inner peace. Or striving to gain that is something I seek to study and enroll in as a spiritualist reverend to help others in a much needed community. I intend to give this community inspiration and to aid in their own soul growth and spiritualist to give them new found awareness and give them inspiration.

My story is serious in the world scheme of things that people assume that someone who is in need- does not need due to assumptions of a material focus of a fake front. This is what many face today, they have a brave face in which they lead false lifestyles that seem ok, but their real life is somewhat of a lack of fairy tales in a much needed fairy tale version here, this story is where no one helps and that someone is in need and not worthy of helping because of too many good things their way. This is the fake lifestyle that we talk about, the situation is of no one bothers to ask, to return love or hope, and certainly not compassion. Compassion and understanding, I can assure you this was never the case. The community was very wrong. No help, no reach out, no service to spirit living or dead in this one.

During this time my family was called,giving false statements of my well being and my community followed without any idea of the truth, or understanding of their own and was angry with my Pandora’s Box reach out and my business success of having 13 salons in senior facilities that people thought I was rich and successful, and was not. This was a charity based unreal-ism that should have been, all because of my passion for seniors. However my contracts with these facilities where up for tender in the coming months and I was powering up to achieve the contracts again and to also start a new company to aid in my retirement. I was planning to hopefully sell these company contracts by ways of my systems, protocols and procedures along with this good will for $75,000.00 until this community took me down during this entire time with no one reach out. The only reach out they did was to call my step sister at night and she automatically flew to see me at 2am at night and no one told me as to why. This understanding was psychosis, and I was never allowed to attend church or the courses ever again, With no reason why ever.

During this Community study on compassion, I have never visited my church at all since February at the last Friday mediumship class as requested by the police and the church. This society of spiritualism has misunderstood the word compassion, reach out and lacks the ability to understand. This was never a case as they say it is and never intended to appear so. It was a reach out to a friend and a Reverend that I found to be my equal. The only compassion was only one person that lacked the understanding in this medium and spiritual based horrifying situation. This is something i could not bring myself to divulge to her as this is a terrible situation of battery and racism of a conflicted abuse case.

In this society of spiritualists mediums I have seeked out for help, understanding refuge, and guidance, I am understanding of this that they are the best in the world as a mediums and spiritual leaders. I can assure you that as of yet, there is not one person that has reached out as a reverend or a human being or medium as I will showcase in this. As a person seeking spiritual guidance, During this time, I took refuge by myself somewhat of the hermit in the tarot deck. Via closed team of only 40 people to email I was reaching out to my friends, community and society in this closed nit environment to help myself understand this abuse of the rumors and talks that were going around that were fueling me to stop visiting even my closest friends. This abuse that was laid upon me is stated in text messages, phone calls and emails from associates stating, I was crazy. One contact stated that I was in need of a Baptist church exorcism that was the craziest remark. This is funny since they would have quite the job as I can assure you spirit is here with me always and I am now the best medium and soon to be spiritualist reverend. The voices in my head are Abraham and Great Spirit. Guaranteed. Never been seen in any other church except for a spiritualist one I have however in my life attended church service for funerals and weddings. This community has shown to be understanding of only one man and only one community to believe this person and not someone that was in direct need to heal and find compassion.

For a community that does this professionally I am in great despair because of this. This is the soul reason why I continue this fight. I continue to seek reasons why this happened. I continue to push forward when it is not safe. I push forward even though I am threatened by the Police. I continue because I believe in Love, I believe in faith, I believe in the Great Spirit and God and I believe that most people today are misunderstood. I believe I was. I believe that these people that I was found of and had them as mentors are misunderstood. I believe still that this world community will seek guidance in my faith and help me. I will absolutely be there mentor and spiritual guide in this next step of peace hope and love. If they so choose to follow me on peace and love and light.

As the Reverends in this church have no idea of what true spiritual love is I will define this: Spiritual love doesn't mean love for our car, or our favorite food. It is not even love for our children or partner or other people that we like. Spiritual love means love for the world, for all people, so: even for those people that we don't like. Usually, when we love someone, we feel attachment and dependency as well. We want to keep that person. Spiritual love is love without attachment; it's love without the fear that one day we'll lose that person. Spiritual love is love for a person from whom we don't need anything. It's purely love. For the giver and for the receiver it brings inner peace. As this spiritual love I have acquired for this world community, and mainly my direct own community leaders, I have lost everything that Is directly related to these events that has lost me my home 2 times because of the police being called for no reason other than excess emails of a closed community of reaching out for hope and understanding of my situation and mediumship ability to help me heal this and gain my situation back to get power to move on.

That is still the case, with unconditional spiritual love. That is mainly why I am shown by my Abraham to become a Spiritual Reverend. When a lack of understanding is not found it is very hard to move on and go forward. This is a situation where I will not stop until I find understanding from my past friends and Reverends in this closed society where no one has compassion and spirit. Not even close to being god force. I will become your own god force to help guide you to that purple rain that mr. prince sang about in his song. That if you listen to that song, it is certainly one of hope and seeking enlightenment. God by definition should be stated as a ultimate power, a large goal. This will alleviate the findings to become so eye rolling and unwelcoming by most. I will be your spirit guide to love, hope and faith. You can continue to read my blogs and help me on my Pandora's box project to help save this community.

I need to find answers with this and to find access to reasons why an entire community shuts a person away like a peace of trash, I intend to find out why and how this society, intends to help heal me and replace this world loss of a grand scale.

This community failure is a very serious one as my mediumship is a very strong one and has been showcased in video to reach out to experts. This unconditional ability to trust is a very strong on of mine and I still feel it was a very honest approach to help me understand this, as I can use it to look back on to understand the medium within and to seek help, guidance and understanding during such trauma, sorrow and horror. This situation is a much-needed change to the entire world as my business proposals would entail and deliver to my friends, colleagues and community on a silver platter. These proposals where channeled from spirit and to help aid this community of people seeking enlightenment. A percentage of the proceeds from these businesses will aid in this foundation to WRIS to the occasion. To help people seek refuge in an organic enlightenment community, somewhat of a housing co-op, but one of peace, safety and comfort.Without the cost of a high end condominium. This will be a WRiS company called PURFOUND.

This is what I have found so far on my spiritual journey. This is my gift from the universe. The ability to channel Abraham and other spirits and to use my brilliant mind to help save the world. However, this situation was a reach out to help me, help myself, and help guide me to the next part of my life with only a request to help me move forward while giving them too a peace out, and a helping hand to aid their community in a world venture that can prove to change the world in our largest venture of Purfound which I am continually working on along with WRIS, the world religion institute of spiritualism. This WRIS is going to be the foundation for which other companies will be situated. Using WRIS as an umbrellas in the spiritual community to aid in funding to seek inner peace, in the spiritual world and out side communities. They will entail other small easy to run companies that are like minded in enlighten and community to help fund the resources required to help their community grow and not suffer. This will help the communities over all development and to seek their personal best.

My story still continues alone with no reach out and this has resulted in despair, loss of hope and loss of faith, with no understanding and compassion from anyone at all. This has caused me to lose my entire life and entire world. This community was my family as I have none. It has shown in this reach out of my acquired community study. Even the Police have been brutal by definition and it has scared me and I do not scare easy. One police officer a black man that came to my house was the only compassionate person in the entire project that I have been shown. This is a sad situation and is scary and that is why I fight for my rights and demonstrate such refrain from showing my situation and emotion regarding this because of my dignity that has been taken from me during this bastardization from this entire community. This is why I have seeked out my Reverend ship with the Spiritualist church here in Victoria. To change this society to be more compassionate, caring, loving, and unconditional in this approach to understand real people in need of compassion.

Compassion does not need to be therapeutic it can lead, show, guide, discover and enlighten someone on their soul growth, soul journey and spiritual path to aid them and not fix. This is what this community lacks and why I will seek a Revere ship in this community instead of suing an seeking revenge. However if there is not communication, then I have no choice in taking matters up with the MLA and the Prime Ministers office if I need to. My community heads however refuse to contact me, and the entire community refuse to acknowledge their actions which has aided in my suicide attempt. My Suicide attempt was not an attempt but a direct method to end my life. By definition, is a non-fatal, self-directed, potentially injurious behavior with an intent to die as a result of the behavior; This was directly related to all activities that the church has shown to me and I have documentation regarding this. The brutal abuse of the ambulance personal, and the police during this time was unforgivable. I attempted suicide because of lack of compassion and I felt because of this I was already dead anyways.

Already dead anyways?When I get to thinking deeply I contemplate whether I'm dead already. This was what I felt at the time and lead me to this. The definition of death is to cease living. Is living a heart beat and blood flow? Or is it more than that a sense of self actualization and love to another? I understand exactly why I attempted suicide and was bastardized out of this community and it was directly related to jealously, despair of their own healing or their lack of, and because of the inability to acknowledge their own faults and understanding to this situation. This is something I am willing to still heal in peace and love. This situation was always spiritual love of a God kind and the suicide and rape and other abuse I have overcome during my years in this life have shown me how much I actually overcome.

This is the spiritual growth I have overcome all by myself. My rape as a 12 year old girl by a stranger and I never told anyone and healed my entire life by myself. My entire life of being bullied started in Elementary, and now by a world community. By being abused by my husband and boyfriends over the years and overcome addictions and coping mechanisms such as gambling and excessive drinking, eating, shopping, spending, working and seeking spiritual enlighten. This last one is the one I find hardest to leave behind. So you tell me which is hardest to overcome? I say the last one. The spiritual one for sure.

I have developed my mediumship and enlightenment to become a new Abraham type of medium that is rather unusual. If you would seek me out as a spiritualist medium/ Reverend and god force such as a Abraham-Hicks type of medium, you will see that this is absolutely true to form. I am confident in this. So Abraham & other spirits talks to me directly and tells me my like minded Abraham as the famous company does, is correct, real and confirmed. My medium ability is a genuine one and my Tony Robbins ultimate personal power is amazing as I have the faith because of these 2 mentors of mine. My Soul Growth and mediumship is all senscience abilities that I have acquired during this spiritual path that God has taken me on is hard, too much so that with no help, no support, no understanding, no acknowledgment but abuse, battery and being dammed to the dark part of society is the most difficult part of my training to be a spiritual leader.

Lack of faith is one thing that most people have, lack of hope, is found to be the norm today? Is it that most people in life has some help and assistance with this? I there an abundance of love or spiritual love, or there lack of? I unconditionally love and can find this in the darkest situation. I can assure you I can. This is a situation that is a very difficult one to understand and I am able to find it still in situations that will aid me in the living of the now. Moving on is somewhat of a back door event that I strive for in the early hours from 6am until about 4pm and fade off into a net flix film or mediumship video to see who and what sort of vibration I can sort out for the world spiritualists that find them selves lacking in this part of their mediumship. My skills are perfection I can assure you as I type I can hear the sound of Abraham's voice in my mind seeking the words to type.Karen Rose Kobylka, I am spirit, I am great spirit, I am god of your understanding, I am Abraham, I am you, you are me. I am finding as you are seeking. Keep trying and one day you shall find spirit in people once again. I can assure you. As that ant that moved that rubber tree plant. Keep on moving on.

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