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How to Restart your life!

Updated: Oct 23, 2019


The 30 Day Process:

  1. Be kind to yourself

  2. Turn off the TV

  3. Turn off the Radio

  4. Turn off the internet

  5. Yes, that also means Social Media

  6. Cancel Meetings

  7. Minimize contact with other people as much as possible

  8. Withdraw from Reality as much as possible

  9. Sleep as much as you need-no judgment on yourself

  10. Meditation at least 15 min, I recommend at least one hour in morning one hour in evening min.

  11. After Meditation and naps start to write down in your meditation journal your personal discoveries in your journal anything that comes to mind, any inspirations that come to you, write them down then act on them as soon as possible.

  12. Listen to positive inspirational videos/music

  13. Get a notebook make a list of the good qualities about your life, and what you are grateful for. This journal can be called your book of positive aspects.

  14. Manifest, dream, inspire through thoughts that come to you

Doing these steps puts you in touch with an Inner knowing of the truth of who you really are -- the precious, beautiful, magnificent, creative, loving, spectacular, glorious being you REALLY are. That, in turn empowers the Law of Attraction to only bring you experiences and evidence that are in harmony with your new elevated energy and vibrations.

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