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From Hairstylist to Medium

Embracing My Spiritual Calling: From Hairstyling to Spiritual Mediumship and Tarot Reading

Hello, my name is Karen Rose Kobylka, and I am a born medium. I have been intuitive and connected to the spirit world since I was a child, but it was only my mother who recognized my gifts. She encouraged me to develop my abilities, but unfortunately, she passed away several years ago. It was after her passing that I realized my true passion lay in spirituality and I decided to leave my successful career in hairstyling behind to embrace my calling as a professional spiritual medium, tarot reader, and soul coach.

I have always felt that there was something more to life and I am thrilled to finally have the opportunity to use my gifts to help others. I have been training for this moment for many years and have been fortunate enough to study with world-renowned mediums from the Arthur Findlay College in the UK. I am now ready to offer my services to those who are seeking guidance, clarity, and connection with the spirit world.

As a spiritual medium, tarot reader, and soul coach, I will use my skills and intuition to help my clients connect with their loved ones who have passed, find clarity and guidance, and discover their life purpose. My goal is to empower my clients by helping them tap into their own inner wisdom and find peace and fulfillment.

Whether you are seeking a tarot reading, mediumship session, or soul coaching, I am here to support you on your journey.

In conclusion, I am excited to finally have the opportunity to use my spiritual gifts to make a positive impact on the lives of others. I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve clarity, peace, and fulfillment. Thank you for considering me as your spiritual guide and I look forward to connecting with you soon. Feel free to check out my bio under the about section on this website or visit my LinkedIn profile.

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