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Manifesting your Desires

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Manifesting your desires

I spent the latter part of my life trying to manifest the perfect life through vision boards. After years of self discovery and diving deep into the studies of the Law of Attraction, I have found a system that works. That is why I decided to self-publish my book: Magic- Manifesting your Dream Life. The idea is that what you think about comes into reality. True? I believe so. If you really think about it, everything is energy-- words, actions, emotions, simply everything. I do hair part time at Kat’s Hair Studio and I can feel my clients energy as soon as they pull up to the driveway. I am an empath, an intuitive and a spiritual medium. These gifts which the Great Spirit has bestowed upon me makes my life interesting I can tell you that. Having these gifts makes me of an energy expert of sorts.

Energy is part and parcel of manifesting. When you are in a room and you can feel if someone is in a bad mood, that is energy. If we can feel energy it is not too difficult to believe that our thoughts have energy also. If that is true then our thoughts can become real. If we think of something and it comes into reality, that is manifestation at its finest.

I have manifested great things in my life such as living by the ocean, being free to live the life I wanted, and more. The key to manifesting is knowing yourself and your emotions on a deep soul level. Through my journey of discovery, I have learned so much about myself. If you have read my blog article “Empire of Dirt”, then you will understand that my journey has been tumultuous. The upside is that I have gained more out of life than I would have had I not gone through those difficult times. Like grapes that have been crushed or coal that gets turned into diamonds, or the oak tree in a storm, adversity has made me a better person. I understand that now. That is why I am passionate about soul growth and that I have self-published a book on soul discovery. It details how to get to know yourself on a deep soul level. With tools by your side, your journey of discovery will be richer. The reason I feel you need a vision board is to keep a friendly reminder of your dream front and center. You can turn dreams into reality. That is why we discuss much more than just dreaming your way to a perfect life-- we discuss goal setting and more.

In my memoir I discuss soul growth through my journey through life and how the Law of Attraction has played a part in that soul growth. After the turmoil I experienced I engrossed myself in studies such as inner child work, shadow work, the Law of Attraction, life coaching and spiritual life coaching. Why do I do all of this when I may appear to be down and out? Because I have learned that there is much more to life than manifesting things. I have learned that what I want to manifest is to be happy. How do I do that? I need to be happy with the here and now. Learn to be happy with what you have and you will manifest greatness. Come with me on my journey of soul discovery.

Written by Karen Rose Kobylka

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