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The New World

The New World

One of my talents as a spiritual medium is that I can channel spirit. When I first moved to Vancouver Island, I would channel spirit just like Abraham Hicks, or any other medium performing channeling. Just before I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I wasn’t well, during this time I channeled Martin Luther King Jr. His spirit did not stay long but it was long enough to identify him. I remember having a chat with him about racism. I was not 100% myself at the time and that made for great channeling. This is a memory I will not soon forget. I have outlined this experience in my memoir, but I feel it needs to be heard sooner than later. Also, I have recently (in my mentally healthy state of mind) been getting messages from Spirit about my conversation with Mr. King’s spirit. Thus, I now feel the need to deliver the important message he had to convey to the world through my voice.

His message was a simple one regarding racism. It goes beyond the white verses black history that Mr. King would have preached about in his sermons to the world. I don’t normally get into discussions around race and around gender equality. Nonetheless, I believe in peace and love for all people, and I desire for us all to be equal. Martin Luther King Jr.’s spirit told me that in the future we will all be called hues. This is an abbreviated form of the word ‘human’ and also relates to color. In other words, we will all be one. Simple, isn’t it? I have been chosen to relay this message to you on Mr. King’s behalf. I urge all of you to spread this message in a spirit of love and peace.

For myself I want a male partner. But for those of you who want something different then that is your right. I believe that I am a woman, but if you were born a woman and wish to be a male then all the power to you. I think that love is all we really have in the end and that needs to come from us first and foremost. If we can do that, then others will feel the love and give it back to us in return. Equality for all hues? Indeed.

I need to tell you that I had to google the term 2SLGBTQ+ and look up its definition. The issues surrounding this demographic are complex. I hope, however, that the issues will be made simpler once we all begin to understand that we are all on this planet together, fighting for the same causes: equality and peace. Once we can come together and not be separated, then and only then can we spread love further to others, the world, and the universe. Martin Luther King’s idea of the term hues makes perfect sense to me. It’s easy to say, relatable to most people and we are, after all, all humans.

As a hairstylist for over 36 years, I have seen a variety of humans here on this earth. I think it’s wonderful that people have the courage to step out of the norm and dare to be who their soul wants them to be. Whether we realize it or not, we are here on earth to come closer to our soul’s purpose. Hence, I am dedicating my life to help people find their souls purpose with my new spiritual life coaching program. Look for it to come out in the near future. In the meantime, take care of yourself!

With much love,

Karen Rose Kobylka

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