"Her passion and commitment to helping others, especially the elderly can literally move me to tears. She has a very keen business sense, with the ability to create new businesses and bring them to a very successful fruition. She is so creative, and is limitless in her problem solving abilities. As the owner of multiple small businesses, she has the ability to help women who are looking for a start in the beauty business. She has helped many of her employees through tough times, and has been able to find that elusive middle ground of being a friend, while still maintaining the professional role of employer and boss."
Sheetal Lohtia 
"I have worked with Karen directly for the past 7 years and we have formed a great business relationship. She has a compassion for seniors and works along with her staff ensuring that their needs are met and they receive a great experience when they come to the salon."
Gloria Kondel Chartwell 
"As a Fellow small business owner I have had the pleasure to work with Karen over the last 20 years and watch her succeed time and time again in an industry that tends to follow one patch for success. Karen has the ability to shift her core skill, hairdressing to take advantage of untapped markets and meet those needs in creative ways. I highly recommend Karen."
Cheryl Shea
Shea Counselling Services
"Karen has a strong vision and passion for growth in which Golden Age Divas has had a significant impact on the needs of our seniors. She is a role model for women in business." 
Heather Christenson
Jasper Place Continuing Care Center 
"Karen developed her own mobile beauty business at a very young age, and she quickly encompassed a wide range of other related services within her company. In addition to providing client services, Karen instructed others through presentations, media events, and one-to-one teaching. With her professional success, she continued to expand her business interests into new settings, always with drive and innovation. As part of her present business, Karen provides needed services for the elderly and disabled thru salon management services for care facilities. She is more than capable of consulting any person or business to success."
Lorna Hall 
Devall & Associates Inc. 
"Karen has grown as a hairstylist over the years and has been proven successful. During Karen's hair styling career, she has become a qualified instructor at our school and we have also became good friends where I had the privilege of working at one of her senior facility salons. This experience has inspired me. I am proud to be able to have seen Karen Develop over the years."

Esther Freeman

Co-Founder of Estelle Academy

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